Black Wrinkle Obsession

Last Updated: 13 December 2020

Ray’s black wrinkle paint infatuation detailed:

 1976CalCustomValveCovers.jpg 1976CalCustomRearEndCovers.jpg

Here’s what 18 years of sitting in a garage did to the Vintage 1976 Cal Custom valve and rear end covers, not pretty, but that’s gonna change.



De-grease, bead blast and tape off the fins with 3M fineline tape…

2HotPlates.jpg  2HotPlateswAluminumSheet.jpg

The set up: two electric hot plates with a sheet of 0.30” aluminum sitting on top to spread the heat evenly (about 120° worth).

RearEndCover-View1.jpg    RearEndCover-View2.jpg

Here are two views of the rear end cover showing the lustrous and consistent black wrinkle pattern, I can smell it just looking at them!


The valve covers renewed to their badass state, with stainless steel bolts to secure them in place. Note the MSD box that’s not an MSD box on the firewall, that’s also been wrinkle painted.


The cryptic box that now matched the valve covers in its first mounting place….yeah, it got relocated later on.


Cal Custom bringing up the rear once again, with matching stainless steel bolts or course (because I’m anal that way).


Scoring big at the Syracuse Nationals; an aluminum gauge panel was procured, taped and painted (what else), wrinkle black!


I contracted the maker of the gauge panel to machine a one-off finned dual quad air cleaner lid out of aluminum, and this is what’s left of that chunk. Once I get it later this week it’ll get the black wrinkle treatment too…then this car guy will be happy.


Until then, this is the replica I made from a sheet of aluminum to hold the place of the real thing, and so I can drive the car without sucking in every bug in NY down those thirsty 8 barrels.

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